General Information regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA)


Starting March 1, 2018 passengers won’t be allowed to fly with emotional support animals unless they can provide a vet’s note confirming the animals pose no threat to other people.

Emotional support animals are determined by their owners and do NOT require special training. The only legal requirement to having an emotional support animal, is that the person has a verifiable medical condition that an emotional support animal helps with. There is no federal or state registration requirements regarding emotional support animals. Since the only legal requirement to have an emotional support animal is a medical letter, the letter must be from a licensed doctor. Doctor recommendation letters can be obtained by family doctor's or even online doctor's. You do NOT need your medical letter today to order an emotional support animal product.


The Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Apartment's, hotel's, condo’s and any other form of housing communities cannot refuse the emotional support animal.

  • Landlords cannot charge additional pet rent or require a pet deposit.
  • They cannot require that your ESA has had specialized training.
  • They cannot ask for detailed medical records. However, the property managers do have the right to request a medical recommendation letter.


The Air Carrier Access Act

Airlines cannot refuse transportation of the emotional support animal.

  • Airlines cannot charge a cabin pet fee for emotional support animals.
  • Airlines will require a medical recommendation letter from a licensed doctor.
  • Dogs and cats do not have to be in a carrier but they must be on a leash.  The pet can sit on your lap during the flight.
  • You must contact the airport at least 24 hours prior to flight. Check with the airline if you are traveling with a pet that is not a dog or cat.  There may be restrictions on the types of pets that can travel in the cabin of the plane.  


As long as you have your medical recommendation, you are legally fully protected by both laws. Emotional support animal products such as ID cards, tags, collars and other accessories are not required to have a legal emotional support animal.

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Emotional Support Animal (ESA) FAQ


Q: How do I register my ESA?

A: There is NO federal or state registration or certification requirement.


Q: How do I make my animal an official ESA?

A: The only legal requirement is a medical recommendation letter from a licensed doctor.


Q: Can I purchase an ESA product today without having my medical recommendation letter?

A: Yes, nothing is needed to purchase an ESA accessory.


Q: What are the benefits of having an ESA?

A: They are protected by two laws, the fair housing act and the air carrier access act.


Q: If I purchase an ESA product from your store, does that make my animal an official ESA?

A: No, you still need a medical recommendation letter stating that you have a medical condition that an ESA helps with. You can obtain a letter from your family doctor or an online doctor.


Q: How is your ESA ID card beneficial to me?

A: The issue with the emotional support industry is that landlords, hotel clerks and other housing establishments around the country are not properly educated in the emotional support animal (ESA) field. This is where our cards come in, the back of our card displays important general information regarding the laws that protect ESA’s, which in return, will drastically help avoid confusion and conflict with various establishments. Since there is no federal or state registration required, our customers asked for something tangible that they could use as a contact card and quick reference to ESA information. We offer a high quality American made card for a reasonable price.


Q: Are ESA's and Service Animals the same?

A: No, service animals required specialized training where ESA's do not. Service animals are also granted ADA (public access) rights. For more information regarding service animal requirements, please refer to your local and state laws.


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